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We have redesigned our corporate card portal for you and optimized it for mobile devices. Register now for online access to purchases and invoices of your corporate card. To register your card you will need your personal online ID, which we sent to you in February 2017 or after receiving your new card. If you are no longer in possession of the online ID, you can request delivery free of charge by telephone or e-mail from our customer service.

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Corporate Cards

Corporate Cards
Simplify travel management and offer your employees one of our card products. Accepted worldwide, our corporate cards are convenient, easy to use and include a range of insurance services.

Lodge Cards

Lodge Cards
Degussa Bank lodge cards offer transparency in managing all travel expenses. Business trips are booked via the lodge cards and posted to a virtual credit card account.


Because your security is important to us, all our credit cards feature the latest security technology.

3-D Secure

3-D Secure (Verified by Visa™, MasterCard SecureCode™) is an internationally recognised security standard for online credit card payments. Cardholders enjoy additional protections against fraud and the misuse of their credit card data when shopping online.

Chip & PIN

Chip und PIN
With the introduction of Europe's new cashless payment process SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area), the credit card industry shifted to the use of cards with a Chip & PIN instead of a magnetic stripe. The PIN replaces the signature when paying with credit card.


The links below take you to our services provided exclusively to authorised users. If necessary, you will be asked to log-in when accessing the system.

For Corporates

Corporate Customer Download Portal

Credit card statements and data downloads for our corporate clients.

Corporate Card Portal



Our management information and reporting system for card program managers.


For Employees

New Corporate Cardholder Portal

Our new corporate and business cardholder portal. Get access to your card data, transactions and statements.

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CentreSuite (Legacy System)

CentreSuite is no longer available. Please use our new corporate cardholder portal.