PSD2 - Payment Services Directive 2

PSD2 – Payment Services Directive 2.

Payments with your corporate credit cards are now even better protected against unauthorised use. Look forward to secure and easy-to-use new features. We ensure that your transactions will continue to be subject to the best and most customer-friendly security standards in the future.

Increased protection for your payments.

This year, new security standards for credit cards will be introduced, the so-called PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2). It will then be considered as a new Directive for payment services. The PSD2 requires a strong customer authentication (SCA - Strong Customer Authentication). This will protect you even better against fraud and unauthorised use of your credit card. For owners of a Degussa Bank corporate credit card, we already have made all possible precautions. In the future, strong customer authentication, especially for online transactions, will improve security in payment transactions.

Valid from September 14, 2019

Strong customer authentication (SCA) through two-factor authentication.

  • Two-factor authentication based on a combination of knowledge (PIN/password), possession (card/telephone) and/or personal identification (biometrics)
  • In retail via chip & PIN
  • In e-commerce using 3-D Secure (Mastercard Identity Check™ and Verified by Visa™)
  • Two-factor authentication via SMS-TAN + password

Easier shopping.
Exceptions to strong customer authentication.

  • Lodge cards in B2B portals and My ePayment
  • Low-risk or low-value transactions (up to 30 €) in retail and e-commerce
  • Subscriptions from the same merchant
  • Telephone and mail orders where the card number is transmitted

This is changing.

  • You will be securing your purchases more frequently than before using the 3-D Secure procedure (Mastercard Identity Check™ and Visa Secure™).
  • The registration process for 3-D Secure will be even better in the future. We will soon activate it here in the company card portal.
  • With a risk assessment of online transactions, you can continue to make many payments conveniently and without two-factor authentication.

PSD2: new regulations for more protection.

Our shopping behaviour has changed. Online shopping is increasing more and more, credit cards are being used more and more frequently. The new legal regulations and strong customer authentication improve your rights as a consumer and protect you even more effectively against unauthorised use of your credit cards.