Everything you need to know about your credit card security.​​​​​​​



Your PIN will become increasingly important when paying by card. So be sure to memorise your PIN
and do not disclose it to anyone, for security reasons. Do not store your PIN with your card.


​​​​​​​You will need your online ID (you will receive it via post) to register for important functions:
  • Corporate Cardholder Portal
  • Strong customer authentication via SMS-TAN
  • 3-D Secure activation in the My Card Manager App

Corporate Cardholder Portal

Please register within 14 days of receiving your Online ID to avoid any postage fee for a replacement. It’s easy to register:
1. Create your user account with your name and email address
2. You will then receive an activation email
3. Now you can add your card(s) to your user account. For this you need your: Card number, embossing line, Online ID

​​​​​​​In your Corporate Cardholder Portal user account ...​​​​​​​
  • ... you can get an overview of all your business expenses
  • ... you can view your card statements
  • ... you can change important information such as your address
  • ... you will receive all information about card services and emergency services
  • ... you can contact us 24/7 via our Online Service
All information on registration can be found at our FAQ "Login Area"
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Contactless payment​​​​​​​

With Degussa Bank credit cards, you can easily pay for amounts up to the current limit of 50 euros using contactless payment – without entering a PIN. Important: Simply insert your new card (also applies to each replacement and subsequent card) into the payment terminal when you first use it and enter your PIN. This activates the service. You can make contactless payments from then on. More information on contactless payment can be found at "contactlesss payment".
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Expired cards

Please do not dispose of your expired cards in your household rubbish. Cut them up and make all visible data illegible and then return them to a collection point for electronic devices. All information on environmentally friendly card disposal can be found here.
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Card Service (general enquiries)

In your user account you have access to all the important functions relating to your credit
card, such as your personal details. Anytime and anywhere. If you have any questions,
our Card Service team is there for you.
Phone +49 69 3600 2347 (Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.).
Or email: cardservice@degussa-bank.de

​​​​​​​24h hotline( lost or stolen)
​​​​​​​Phone +49 69 3600 2346