Who can use the commercial card portal?

The commercial card portal is intended for all Degussa Bank commercial card holders. You can identify a Degussa Bank commercial card if you see one of the following inscriptions: “Corporate”, “Business”, or “Travelcard”. In addition, centrally-billed cards such as Lodge Cards or Amazon Business procurement cards can be obtained through the portal.


How does registration for the commercial card portal work?

The registration process for the commercial card portal consists of four main steps, which you should follow in order: 

  • Create a user account on the registration page.
  • After registering, you will receive an email with an activation link at your email address..
  • After clicking the activation link, you can assign a personal password. At this point, your user account has been created.
  • In the next step, you will be asked whether you want to link your credit card with your user profile. Please have your card and the associated Online-ID letter close to hand.


I already have a user account for the portal’s personal area. How do I get to the login page?

You can reach the login page by clicking here.


As a cardholder, what functions are available to me in my personal area?

  • Overview of all Cards registered to you
  • Account statuses and drawing limits for your cards
  • Details on your card (e.g., insurance packages, billing periods, bill delivery dates, stored bank-account details)
  • Overview and downloads of your current and historical credit card transactions
  • Overview and download of your credit card statements
  • Form respository (for changes of address, approval of direct debits, card-limit changes, etc.)
  • Document centre (with contract and insurance-policy terms and conditions, data-privacy notices, etc.)


How do I register my card after logging in?

In order to register a card, you must be in your personal user area. The “Add card” option will be displayed in the navigation bar. Where you have reached this point, enter the information required by the system, and then save it.


How do I get back to my personal area?

After logging in, you will automatically be transferred to the so-called dashboard. This is your home page for your personal area within the commercial card portal. If you are not automatically forwarded, you can alternatively reach your dashboard by clicking here, or through your personal user menu. To do this, move your mouse pointer over your name in the upper right corner of the screen, and select the “Dashboard” option.


When will my credit-card statement be available for download?

Your credit card statement will usually be available online within one to two days after your billing date. You have the option to receive email notifications as soon as a new credit-card statement is available.


Why haven’t I received an activation email?

If you have not received an activation email following completion of the registration process, this may be for several reasons:

  • The activation email may have been diverted to your email account’s spam filter. Please check your email account’s spam folder. You may find your activation email there.
  • If you do not find it, please repeat the registration process in order to rule out a technical problem.
  • If you again fail to receive an activation email, or receive the following error message – “This email address is invalid, or is already in use” – please contact our Card Services division at 069 / 3600 – 2347.


Why haven’t I received an Online-ID letter?

All holders of newly created corporate credits will automatically receive an Online-ID letter at their registered address. All existing customers received their Online-ID letters in February 2017. If you no longer have this letter, you can request a new Online ID. To do so, send a signed version of this form to cardservice@degussa-bank.de, or contact our Card Services division by phone at 069 / 3600 - 2347.


Where can I find the first embossed line?

The first embossed line is the embossed name of the cardholder on the front side of your credit card.