You want your employees to be ideally equipped for business trips. You are looking for a Corporate Card with the latest features and benefits. Degussa Bank company cards have the latest functionality, such as contactless payment, which is integrated into all newly issued cards. As a company, you will benefit from efficient processes and simple travel expense processes.

Degussa Corporate Cards – your benefits at a glance.

Apply for Corporate Cards online.

With our new digital application process, you can easily apply for Corporate Cards online, including on your company intranet.
  • Save time with paperless application
  • Apply easily, quickly and securely online
  • Use VideoIdent for rapid authentication via your PC
Click here to find out in 90 seconds how the online Corporate Card application process works.
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Online Services.

​​​​​​​As a Corporate Cardholder, you have extensive online services available to you in our Corporate Cardholder Portal.
  • Easily manage your credit card and personal data online
  • For example, you can change your bank details, address or contact information
  • Request a replacement card or have your PIN sent by mail
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New app: My Card Manager.

With the Degussa Bank My Card Manager app, you can keep an eye on your card transactions on your smartphone anytime, anywhere.
  • View your company card transactions on your smartphone
  • Activate the 3-D Secure standard
  • Approve transactions directly from your smartphone

Degussa Corporate Cards – your benefits at a glance

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For your company

  • Liquidity benefits with extended payment terms
  • Settlement of transactions and travel expenses for your company through travel accounts for employees (optional)
  • Better financial controlling with regular reports and analysis
  • Protection of your employees abroad through many individually extendable insurance benefits
  • Customised card design with company logo or your own design on request

For your employees

  • No need for cash advances as employees can easily pay for travel expenses with their Corporate Card
  • Extended payment terms gives you more time to settle travel expenses
  • Employees can check their expenses online at any time
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Degussa Corporate Cards – our card portfolio.

With the Degussa Bank Corporate Cards you always have the right means of payment at hand, worldwide. You can choose between Mastercard and Visa as well as various insurance packages with a wide range of premium services.
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Degussa Bank Corporate

With the Degussa Bank Corporate Card, you can make cashless payments at more than 70 million contractual partners worldwide. This is an excellent travelling companion with its foreign travel personal liability insurance and integrated management information system. You can choose between Visa or mastercard.
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Degussa Bank Corporate Mastercard Gold.

With the Degussa Bank Corporate Card Gold you are always well equipped wherever you are. Extensive premium services, such as 24-hour business travel accident insurance and full rental car insurance will ensure your business trips are safe and relaxed. You can choose between Visa or mastercard.
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Your company. Your card.

Identification with your company is important to you. So it’s good that you can customise your Degussa Corporate Card.
With your company logo or your own design on request. Your corporate identity will be part of every transaction, wherever your employees may be.

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Our range of insurance options.

You want to ensure your employees are well protected on business trips. This is easy with our Corporate Cards. We have put together three insurance packages with our best offerings for you: silver, silver plus and gold. Choose the package that best suits your company and your preferences.

Multiple times awarded. Our corporate cards.​​​​​​

We are proud of that. Our corporate cards took first place in four categories in the corporate credit card test 2021.We were especially pleased that we took 2nd place in the overall standings. Because one thing is important to us, that our customers save costs and time with their payment solutions.
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*Ein Rating, Ranking oder eine Auszeichnung ist kein Indikator für die künftige Entwicklung und unterliegt Veränderungen im Laufe der Zeit.
Mehr Details zum Corporate Cards Test 2021 finden Sie hier.

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