Will I receive a physical card associated with the My ePayment Account?

The My ePayment Account is used only for billing purposes. To make payments, you can generate virtual cards within a few minutes. Thus, you do not receive these as physical cards. In the course of the card generation, you will receive all necessary information (card number, expiration date, and CVV), for example for online use, or to deposit with hotels.


Can I define required fields that must always be filled out when the card is used?

You can define up to 10 fields that every user must fill out when using the virtual card. For example, this can include name, employee number, cost centre, or other similar data. Such information can be used to categorise payments.


Can I determine the drawing limit on a virtual card entirely on my own?

Yes. You can effectively set the amount of the limit as you choose. However, its use is limited by the drawing limit of the underlying ePayment Account, and thus the settlement account.


Am I free to choose the expiration date of the virtual card?

In generating the card, you can choose a validity period of between one day and two years. With regard to the number of times the card can be used, you have two options. You can set up the virtual card so that it can be used only once, up to the maximum drawing limit. You can also set up the card so that it can be used multiple times. In this case, it is limited only by the amount of the drawing limit.


My virtual card isn’t working? Why would that be?

If your virtual card no longer functions, this may be for a number of reasons. You card may have reached its expiration date, or may no longer be valid (because of a pre-defined validity period). Your virtual card may have reached its maximum number of card uses. Your card may have reached its drawing limit. An incorrect CVV may have been provided, or the card may have been used in a non-allowed retail sector.

The reason for the rejection will be shown in real time in the „Degussa Virtual Payments“ application, allowing you to remedy the issue on your own.


What are the technical requirements for generating a virtual card?

In order to generate a virtual card, you must be set up as a user in the system (“Degussa Virtual Payments”). There, you can create virtual cards that fit your specific business needs (including approval processes, etc.).


Can I cancel a previously generated virtual card?

Yes, you can cancel previously generated virtual cards. However, any potential transactions or purchases made with the card up to this point remain valid.


How does billing work?

The virtual card’s transactions will be centrally billed through the ePayment Account. The combined billing process will take place either weekly or every two weeks.


How much time is allowed for payment?

The time period allowed for payment is seven or 14 days by default.


Are Statements also issued in electronic form?

You will receive your combined statement online through our Firmenkundenportal.


Can use of the virtual card be limited only to certain predefined sectors?

At the time you generate the virtual card, you can limit its use to certain retail sectors and categories, or generate a cross-sector and thus unrestricted card.


Can ePayment Account statement data be integrated with travel-accounting systems or general accounting systems?

We offer comprehensive data-output functions, enabling integration with your ERP, travel-cost accounting, and general accounting systems. From CSV files to SAP standards, we support the most common market requirements.


Are insurance benefits included with the Degussa Bank ePayment Account?

There are no insurance benefits associated with the ePayment Account or its virtual cards.


Is there a maximum number of users within a company?

No, there is no limit on how many users in your company can be covered with the generation and administration of virtual cards.


What should we pay particular attention to when creating a virtual card?

In creating virtual cards, any applicable company-specific approval processes should be observed. Different roles have correspondingly different levels of authorisation. Thus, not all roles should apply for virtual cards at the same time.


How are users within the company set up to use the system?

Users and those in other roles are set up by their company administrator.


Who can I talk to if I have other questions?

If you need additional information or have unanswered questions, please send an email to kreditkarten@degussa-bank.de.