How can I see the transactions associated with our Lodge Card using the commercial card portal?

If you need access to the transaction data associated with your Lodge Card, please contact your key account manager at Degussa Bank.


Can I also get a physical card for our Lodge Card?

You cannot get a physical-card version of a Degussa Bank Lodge Card. You will receive a data sheet from us that includes a card number, an expiration date, and a CVV.


Can the Lodge Card be used at all acceptance points?

With the Lodge Card, we offer a billing system for the centralised booking of airline and railway trips, as well as travel-office expenses. For all other services requiring centralised purchasing, we offer our ePayment or Procurement Cards, as well as our Corporate Cards.  


Our Lodge Card is nearing its expiration date. When will I receive the new card details?

You will receive new card data about four weeks before the expiration of your Lodge Card. The Lodge Card is a purely virtual card. Therefore, in the case of a temporary extension, you will receive only a new data sheet with information on the card’s new expiration date, as well as a new CVV. Your card’s number will not change.


The contact person in our company is changing, or has changed. Who do I need to talk to about this change?

Please let us know about any changes with regard to responsibilities or contact persons. Your key account manager will gladly take note of this information.


Can the Lodge Card statement data be integrated with travel-accounting systems or general accounting systems?

We offer comprehensive data-output functions, enabling integration into your ERP, travel-cost accounting and general accounting systems. From CSV to SAP standards to XML formats, we support popular market requirements.


Are insurance benefits included with the Lodge Card?

Our centrally billed Lodge Cards are always provided with an insurance package. Thus, we offer your employees insurance coverage even if they don’t have their own Corporate Cards. You can see the included benefits and insurance conditions here.