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If competitiors are astounded, it is
My ePayment.

tailored for your company.

implementation service.

Virtual, easy and secure.

Ensuring payments are secure has the highest priority for your company. You want a payment solution that can be tailored to the needs of your organisation. You appreciate impeccable service and smooth implementation of new solutions. Choose My ePayment by Degussa Bank. The secure payment solution for your business. Based on MasterCard, this virtual credit card offers 36 million payment points worldwide.

Pay safely.

There has not been a single case of misuse of My ePayment. Millions of euros have been settled via the payment solution since 2016. The generation of virtual credit card numbers and CVV codes considerably increases the security of your payments. This makes it virtually impossible for hackers or other third parties to capture your credit card information. You can also authorise a one-off payment for the virtual credit card number or allow it to be used multiple times.

Opt for individuality.

Every company has its own requirements for its processes and data services. Enjoy full flexibility with My ePayment. We will design the appropriate access rights to ensure they fully meet your needs. You can also specify what additional information you need, such as the purpose of use, cost centre, department name or project number.

All the information you need.

My ePayment offers you extensive data services that you can integrate into your travel expense and financial accounting systems. My ePayment supports CSV and SAP standards.

In our Management Information System (MIS) you can view all card transactions on a daily basis. Card data can easily be analysed with a comprehensive selection of reports.

Get information quickly, easily and in detail.


Cosnova is one of Europe's leading cosmetics companies and was one of the first companies to use Degussa Bank's My ePayment solution as an ePayment pioneer.
Read here an extensive interview with cosnova GmbH.


Gruner + Jahr
Gruner + Jahr is one of the largest publishing houses in Europe and has been using Degussa Bank's My ePayment solution since the end of 2014.
Read here the experience of Gruner + Jahr GmbH.

Factsheet Arrange a consultation

Our personal implementation service: My ePayment can be installed in your company in three easy steps.

  • Step 1: We discuss your requirements for your new payment solution with you.
  • Step 2: We develop your individual payment system. Perfectly tailored to your needs. We define the approval workflow, taking your hierarchies into account.
  • Step 3: We coordinate with your IT team to ensure the data services already integrated into My ePayment work well from the start. And last but not least, we’ll show your employees how easy and secure My ePayment is to use.

How virtual payment works

  • Generation of transaction-specific credit card numbers via the Degussa online portal or the interface
  • Online payment using the credit card number generated. Suppliers treat this as a standard credit card number and cannot see that it is a virtual number
  • Debiting of the My ePayment Card

Take advantage of the benefits of My ePayment

  • Highest level of security, no potential for misuse (credit card fraud)
  • Individually customisable
  • Free implementation service
  • No need for foreign currency
  • Collective invoice and delivery of transaction data

Be future-ready with secure, virtual payment solutions

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